"Value the gifts of caregiving. It's an important opportunity to grow in tolerance, patience, compassion and understanding of the limitless power of love." Caregiver Therapy by Julie Interrante & Victoria O'Connor

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If you are a caregiver searching for a refreshing break (respite) or an elderly or frail individual in need of non-medical assistance, we would be happy to schedule an assessment and see how we can best serve you in your home. Our network of volunteers are caring and compassionate members of your community who are happy to come alongside you in simple and practical ways.

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Are you looking for ways to serve your community? Whether it is visiting, grocery shopping, or getting someone to their doctor’s appointments, we would be happy to discuss ways you can get involved and help our neighbors throughout Tippecanoe County. You choose the right person for you based on your time and talents!

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Help By Donating

Keep love alive in your community by donating to Caregiver Companion! We do not charge for our services so as not to further burden the families or individuals we serve. This ministry exists through caring people like you! Without your support, we lack the resources to reach the lonely, frail, and disabled in your community. Let vulnerable neighbors know they are not alone and donate today!

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