Caregiver Companion Policies

  1. Our services are done through volunteers and if we do not have the volunteers to meet a neighbor’s need, they are added to a waiting list. Services can only be offered when we have the volunteers to serve.
  2. It is more difficult to assign volunteers to neighbors who have an environment that is not friendly, safe, or enjoyable, and they may be recommended to seek other referral resources.
  3. It is only after an in-home assessment and completed and approved forms that neighbors are brought onto our services.
  4. All personal information provided by neighbors is to be held confidentially between staff and volunteers at Caregiver Companion.
  5. All volunteers must go through our 5-step process of application: volunteer application form, references, in person interview, background check, and training.
  6. Unhealthy living conditions, increased medical requirements, or poor in treatment of our volunteers may lead to the discontinuation of services. We reserve the right to protect you and our volunteers.
  7. Continued last-minute cancellations can result in a discontinuation of services.
  8. We have the responsibility to treat all neighbors and volunteers with respect and dignity.
  9. Reassessment of our neighbors will be done as health or needs change, as determined by staff.
  10. Volunteers and neighbors of the opposite sex will not be matched, unless approved by the office and caregiver.


Neighbor Policies

  1. Neighbors have the responsibility to call the office for participation in new and additional services and not by a volunteer.
  2. Neighbors are to inform Caregiver Companion of any dissatisfaction with services or of any problem that may arise with a volunteer.
  3. Neighbors have the responsibility of calling one week before their essential appointment for a ride.
  4. As a general rule, neighbors pay for their own expenses which include groceries, prescriptions, and personal items.
  5. Neighbors have the responsibility to treat all volunteers with respect and kindness.
  6. Neighbors have the responsibility to talk to staff about any situation that causes questions or concerns about their volunteer or their services.
  7. Neighbors shall not ask volunteers to handle problems including (but not limited to) medical services, heavy lifting, monitoring medication, administering medication, along with, feeding showering or bathing, finances, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.
  8. Neighbors have the responsibility to use their rides for essential appointments and will not ask for multiple stops, disregarding their volunteers time.
  9. Neighbors shall not hold volunteers liable for any accident.
  10. Volunteers are not immediate family members. Please respect their role as a caring volunteer.


Volunteer Policies

  1. Volunteers have the responsibility to protect their neighbor’s privacy. Therefore, information of a medical or personal nature may not be shared with any person or agency outside of Caregiver Companion.
  2. Volunteers shall not accept items/gifts given to them from their neighbors unless approved by the office.
  3. Volunteers have the responsibility to treat all neighbors with respect and dignity.
  4. Volunteers have the responsibility to seek out staff to talk about any situation that they encounter where they have questions concerning their neighbor or for themselves.
  5. Volunteers shall not handle medical problems including lifting, monitor medication, administrating medication, along with showering or bathing their neighbor, finances, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.
  6. Volunteers have the responsibility to use discretion in disclosing information about themselves to neighbors. If they shall choose to give their telephone number to neighbors, it would be done of their own accord, devoid of the support from staff.
  7. Volunteers shall not agree to a neighbor’s request to keep a secret from the office. Experiences during a volunteer period should be discussed with staff afterwards to enhance-neighbor interactions and future support.
  8. Volunteers have the responsibility to support the staff and the policies and procedures of Caregiver Companion.
  9. Volunteers have the responsibility to refer neighbor’s or family member’s complaints to the staff in the Caregiver Companion office.
  10. Volunteers are expected to meet their neighbor at the agreed upon time and are to contact staff if anything changes.
  11. Volunteers will report any suspicion of intentional physical or psychological elder abuse to our office.
  12. Volunteers will refrain from making promises they cannot keep or taking on “family” roles for their neighbor.