Frequently Asked Questions

Holding HandsAre your volunteers trained?
Volunteers are not trained for skilled care. Our volunteers are kind and giving people from your community who just want to help families who need a little assistance now and then. Each home situation is different and we will try to match a volunteer and his or her interests to the situation as best as we can. Please take time to appropriately train the volunteer to respond to the particular person and situation. If you are a caregiver who is receiving respite break support, please be sure to give emergency contact information to our volunteer before you leave your loved one

How often will a volunteer come?
Normally volunteers visit once a week for one hour or so, with the exception of respite care, when a volunteer may stay two to three hours at a time.

How much does your service cost?
We do not charge for our services. We are blessed to receive some monies from CSJ Ministries to live out God’s unifying love to the dear neighbors around us. However, Caregiver Companion primarily exists on people willing to donate, businesses or foundations support, individuals who name this non-profit in their will, or an occasional grant. If you or your family desires to give and is able to, we are thankful for any contribution. Any amount, large or small, is much appreciated.

Can I call you when I need a ride?
Yes, but only after we have done an assessment, the transportation waiver is signed and after other transportation options are not available for you. We request at least three to four business days’ notice for all transportation requests. This allows the office staff to have the needed amount of time to communicate your need to our volunteer and confirm a driver for you.

Do you drive to Indianapolis?
No. Services for driving extend only within Tippecanoe County. The American Red Cross does provide transportation to Indianapolis.

Will you get my groceries and/or prescriptions?
Yes—volunteers will need a detailed shopping list and some form of payment for your groceries. They will then shop and deliver your items to you and even help put them away if you wish. You may also ride along with the volunteer if you are able.

Do you prepare meals?
In Tippecanoe County, we will refer you to the Meals on Wheels Program (765-429-6325).

Do you offer housekeeping services?
Many of our volunteers are retirees and unable to assist in many household chores. This support is occasionally provided if our volunteer is already assisting with companionship or visiting, but it depends on the volunteer and their abilities. Please refer to the Other Local Resources Tab for more information.

Can a volunteer come and get me from the hospital to sign me out after an emergency?
Our volunteers are not trained to respond to medical emergency situations. Our volunteer is unable to sign someone out of the hospital. Please refer to family member, close friend, or other resource for this type of service.

Can my volunteer give me a ride and drop me off to go see a movie?
We are able to provide transportation to necessary appointments like doctor’s appointments, picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping, or other necessary errands. If our volunteer would like to see a movie with you or take you out to eat and they are comfortable doing so, that is fine.

What are your policies?
We have guidelines for those that we serve and those who volunteer. Our desire is to love people well, and we ask for all of those who are a part of Caregiver Companion to do the same. Click here to read our policies.