About Us

Caregiver Companion is a non-profit organization in Tippecanoe County, Indiana that provides non-medical supplemental volunteer support for elderly and disabled individuals who desire to remain in their home, as well as their caregivers. We refer to all those we serve as our “neighbor” emphasizing God’s love and care for our elderly and frail community members and those who need a helping hand. Our goal as an agency is to help relieve the pressure that often comes with being a caregiver through the help of loving and caring volunteers in the community.


Our beloved founder and friend, Sr. Veronica Baumgartner, CSJ, with the support of her community of the Congregation of St. Joseph, founded Caregiver Companion in Lafayette, Indiana in 1995. Her vision of showing God’s compassion and love to caregivers, the aged and disabled was realized in this local outreach ministry. Sister Veronica referred to those we serve as our “neighbor”, a term based on the Congregation of St. Joseph’s commitment to serve the “dear neighbor”.

The initial funding for Caregiver Companion came from the Sisters of St. Joseph in Tipton, Indiana with support from St. Mary Cathedral in Lafayette, and donated office space from St. Ann’s Church in Lafayette. With help from the community, Caregiver Companion grew and Sister Veronica hired full time staff in 1999. An affiliate office was opened in Tipton in 2003 and closed in 2012. In 2007, the Sisters of St. Joseph in Tipton joined with six other communities to form the Congregation of St. Joseph. The Congregation created the CSJ Ministries Corporation, which oversees and supports all the ministries of the Congregation. Through the encouragement of CSJ, Caregiver Companion now operates as its own 501(C) 3.

In 2015, Sister Veronica passed away, but her vision to reach families in need throughout Tippecanoe County continues. She left behind a beautiful legacy of servitude, compassion, and care for the dear neighbors of our community.

Mission Statement

Caregiver Companion is a network of interfaith volunteers committed to improving the quality of life in the homes of our elderly and disabled neighbors, as well as their caregivers.


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